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Software Designed to Serve the Building Supply Industry

Your building supply company has very specific needs from an accounting software; like fast entry for products that come in variable lengths, custom trim design software that is intuitive and can calculate prices, easy tracking of the assembly of products, integrated dispatching, and much more. These are all needs that Paragon Computing Solutions has met with Paradigm Accounting, Production, and Deliver Me; as well as web services. Continue reading below for more detail on what this software can do for your business

The Preferred Software by Metal Roofing Manufacturers and Building Supply Companies

Paradigm Accounting

Is your current software solution decreasing the efficiency of order entry, pricing calculations, purchasing, or other necessary functions of your business? Paradigm Accounting has been developed by and for companies in the building supply and light metal manufacturing business and can dramatically improve your turnaround time from receiving an order to having that order produced.

Quickly and easily enter products that need to have custom lengths defined (like roofing panels, trims, and flat-sheets), seamlessly transition from a quote to an order, and draw custom trim profiles that will automatically calculate the price for that trim based on the parts that go into it. Import customer orders from external design programs, quickly create purchase orders for special ordered products and much more. Use this system that is designed around the idea that data should be entered only one time and watch your efficiency skyrocket.


No more printing out sales orders and emailing or walking them out to the warehouse to be produced. Simply enter the product onto a sales order and release it to manufacturing and the items that need to be produced will appear in the Production module. From this module, filter based on machine and production date to see the orders that need to be manufactured for that day. Production allows your business to print labels to affix to produced items, track coil numbers, easily view and produce custom drawn trim, substitute products, and more

Deliver Me

Use Deliver Me to view orders that need to be delivered, schedule trucks, assign stop orders, transfer inventory between warehouses, and more. This integrated dispatching software allows your entire process – from scheduling trips, to printing paperwork, to invoicing – to be handled within one system. Do you need multiple routes? Do you need uniform driver paperwork? Do you need an integrated solution that works directly with Paradigm? Then this is the module for you.

Web Services

Paragon Computing Solutions’ web services offer you an edge when it comes to customer relations. Use our web services to allow customers to log in and see their orders along with the production status of items on that order, view inventory items at that customer’s special prices, print their own invoices, and more. Use the web time clock to allow your employees to punch in and out when away from the office or use the shared calendar to schedule vacation and time off. Or use our Fulfillment website, which allows for orders to be more easily gathered together and marked as such. This constantly evolving product is sure to add value to your business.

Industry Specific Support

Our excellent customer support is fast, knowledgeable, and experienced with many clients in the same industry as you; allowing them to answer your questions in a timely fashion. Need a feature added or a bug fixed? Call us free of charge to discuss changes, and we will decide on the best course of action to handle your request. Give us a try – contact us to schedule a free demo today!