If you are like most building supply companies, you’re frustrated by a disjointed order-through-delivery process that is wasting your time and money. Paper is cheap. But the time spent tracking down orders to make changes or even to know if they are done is costing you…big time.

Paragon Computing Solutions helps building supply companies break free from disjointed systems by delivering streamlined and integrated software that increases your output. Here’s how we do it.

After getting his measurements at the jobsite, the contractor heads back to the office to design a building. SmartBuild Systems integrates with our Paradigm software so that he is getting current material prices from your database automatically. Once the design is complete, the contractor logs into our online portal, adds the building as a quote, and can review or edit the material list.

For this job, a special-bent trim is needed. With a few clicks, the trim is designed, the price is automatically calculated, and the drawing is attached to the order.

When the order is ready, the contractor releases the order to your sales team for final review. Your sales team is notified of the in-coming order and can edit or approve the order before releasing it. With the click of a button, the order is transmitted instantly to the pulling and manufacturing stations.

The yardmen can see and claim an order to begin pulling.

Inside the trim shop, the order is claimed and scan-able labels are printed. Or, if you choose one of the optional integration upgrades, Paradigm can send blank sizes directly to the slitter and trim profiles to the brake. A simple scan of the label marks the trim as complete in Paradigm. The salesman can immediately see that the trims have been manufactured.

When a change requests comes, instead of having to hunt down physical copies of the order wherever they might be, the salesman simply purges the order. Any items that have not yet been pulled or manufactured are called back. Then, after making his edits to the items, again, the order is released and each workstation is automatically updated.

Paradigm makes tracking coil usage easy. With a simple scan, the coil is matched to the order and verified that it is correct for the job. Our integration with popular rollformers means the order is automatically loaded and ready to run. The panels are assigned a pack number and a label is added with the order details and a scan-able pack code.

The order is automatically updated in Paradigm to show those items have been completed.

In the warehouse, pickers can use tablets or printed picking tickets. The items are marked as pulled either when the order is printed, or manually on the tablet. The items are assigned a pack ID and temporarily staged.

Meanwhile, the yardman uses his tablet and scanner to locate the trim pack. If he accidentally scans the wrong pack, the tablet rejects it and notifies him. The correct trims are automatically marked as pulled and added to his pack. This step is repeated with each set of items that he adds to his pack. Once the entire pack is pulled, a scan-able pack label is added and the pack is staged.

The dispatcher uses our Dispatching module to assign a driver and truck. Then he prints the driver paperwork ready for the morning’s delivery. The contractor sees his order is pulled and ready for delivery.

The truck driver picks up his paperwork and heads to the loading area. The truck driver gives his loading sheet to a yardman. The yardman scans the order number into his tablet and identifies the packs needing to be loaded.

As the packs are loaded, they are marked as shipped. At a glance the yardman can see what items are left to be pulled. The trucker is told where to pick the remaining items.

Once the final pack has been located and scanned, all items are now marked shipped.

The order is complete and ready to be invoiced.

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