Order Confirmation and Prepay Add-on

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Smart Order Confirmation and Prepayment Tool

The days of manually emailing order confirmations are over, our Order Confirmation and Prepay add-on allows for the sending of a confirmation email directly through Paradigm as well as requesting a prepayment. Let your customers confirm their orders and make a deposit with just a few clicks!

Go paperless. Go Paragon.

Key Features

  • Send order confirmation link with the click of a button.
  • Customers can review their orders and confirm.
  • Customers can submit a partial prepayment or pay in full.
  • Customers can confirm orders and send prepayments on their own time.

How it Works

  1. A user sends email confirmation along with prepayment request (optional) through Paradigm.
  2. The customer reviews the order and confirms with a signature.
  3. The customer can then make a prepayment (if requested).
  4. The user receives a receipt, and the order status is updated.

See it in Action!

Order Confirmation and Prepay Add-On Demo

We do paper files in the office and it's a hassle - We set up the Auto Attach feature in P10 for shippers and invoices, in hopes we can go paperless. I just wanted to say, we love Paradigm!

- Victoria G., Iron Brothers Metals

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