Fulfillment Pro Add-on

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Smart Order Fulfillment

Fulfillment Pro is a flexible system designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of gathering products for orders and loading them onto the delivery truck. Print out pick tickets or label each line with a barcode that can be scanned as the order is loaded onto the truck.

Intelligent filters ensure employees only see items that they are responsible for gathering. Tight integration with Paradigm allows office workers to see gathering progress and easily make change orders. Digitize your warehouse and uncover levels of accuracy and efficiency you’ve never seen before!

Go paperless. Go Paragon.

Key Features

Fulfillment Pro allows users to:

  • Salespeople can see gathering progress instantly and easily record change orders for unpulled items.
  • Record what has been gathered, and by whom.
  • Record signatures for customer pickups.
  • Receive purchase orders from a tablet.
  • Speed up product gathering.
  • Process inventory transfers.
  • Take pictures of transfers.
  • Take pictures of shipments.
  • Record backorders.
  • Reduce mistakes.

How it Works

  1. Accessed via internet browser and compatible with tablets.
  2. Users can filter released orders by location, ship date, and shipment type.
  3. Users are only shown lines that they are responsible for gathering/shipping.
  4. Users can then view order details from the number of orders to which truck is picking it up.
  5. Users then mark items as they pull them for shipping as well as print tickets or labels.
  6. Users finally scan items as they load them onto the truck and take photos of the completed load.

See it in Action!

“We have been using Paragon Computing Solutions since September, 2017 and have been very pleased with the Software! - We also have integrated Paradigm with the Beck controller on our rollformer, so all our metal orders automatically get transferred onto the Beck controller!”

- CMT Components

That’s what Paradigm can help you achieve

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