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Our Mission

Paragon Computing Solutions LLC, the developer of the Paradigm ERP family of products, strives to be a leading software solution provider to the Building Materials Supply and Light Metal Manufacturing Markets.

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Core Values

Responsive Support

We will show our customers we care about them and value their business by promptly responding to requests for support and making our best effort to resolve issues in a timely manner.‎‎‎


If a solution to a problem is not immediately obvious, we will take time to understand our customer’s needs and provide a solution if we have the tools/resources to do so.  In cases where we cannot provide a solution, we will recommend alternative products/solutions if possible.

User-Friendly Solutions

The solutions we deliver will solve real-world problems for our customers and be usable by the average employee. With a detailed UI and plenty of features, you can keep work effective and efficient.

Biblical Principles

Our interactions with our customers, vendors, and other business associates will be guided by the principles found in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.  We will never intentionally compromise these principles.


Paragon traces its roots to the early 2000 era when Paradigm software was sold as a general, customizable, accounting system.  Ownership of Paragon changed a few times over the years, and in 2009, Paragon was purchased by a building material supply and rollforming company in Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania.  Along with the change in ownership, the focus also changed to adding industry-specific features to Paradigm to serve the needs of metal rollforming and building material supply companies.  As the demand grew for this industry-specific version of Paradigm, the decision was made to spin off Paragon as an independent company.  As a result, Paragon Computing Solutions LLC was formed in 2018.


Today, the growing team at Paragon is still located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but serves clients throughout the United States and Canada. The Paradigm ERP software, along with the specialized knowledge gained from the background in the industry, provides Paragon with the tools and expertise to streamline the operations of metal rollforming and building material supply businesses.

Clients that utilize software and services from Paragon range from small startup companies to larger multi-location enterprises, including some of the industry-leading rollforming companies in the United States.  Paragon has also developed partnerships with various industry-specific software and machine companies, allowing Paragon to implement solutions that connect your office to your shop floor and beyond!

We do paper files in the office and it's a hassle - We set up the Auto Attach feature in P10 for shippers and invoices, in hopes we can go paperless. I just wanted to say, we love Paradigm!

- Victoria G., Iron Brothers Metals

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