Maintenance Tracking Add-on

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Maintenance Management Tool

Our Maintenance Tracking Add-on gives users a place to record when a piece of equipment needs maintenance. Whether it be replacing something that’s broken or scheduling a repair, this tool gives you a centralized place to keep track of everything that needs to be fixed. You can even store user manuals and other equipment-related documents.

Go paperless. Go Paragon.

Key Features

  • Ability to report when equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Storage of user manuals and other equipment-related documents.
  • Ability to schedule repairs or preventative maintenance based on calendar days or usage.
  • Track part numbers used to complete a repair.

How it Works

  1. User access via an internet browser.
  2. View or add repair/maintenance tasks with a calendar view and list view.
  3. Mark tasks as complete as well as add notes.

See it in Action!

Maintenance Tracking Add-On Demo

We do paper files in the office and it's a hassle - We set up the Auto Attach feature in P10 for shippers and invoices, in hopes we can go paperless. I just wanted to say, we love Paradigm!

- Victoria G., Iron Brothers Metals

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