SmartBuild Integrations

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Building Design and Pricing Tool

Our SmartBuild integrations give your customers a seamless way to get quotes on their custom buildings as well as help keep pricing up to date via the Customer Portal. We eliminate the need to manually enter and transfer building information. Save time and give you and your customer a better experience.

Our SmartBuild Integrations are available bundled or in two different options:

Go paperless. Go Paragon.

SmartBuild Price Update

Allows dealer prices in Keymark’s SmartBuild product to be automatically updated with customer-specific pricing on a regular basis.

SmartBuild Building Import

Allows buildings in SmartBuild to be entered as quotes in Paradigm instantly through the Customer Portal, rather than downloading the file and emailing it to a salesperson.

Key Features

  • Automatically translate custom buildings to quotes.
  • Keep customer-specific pricing up to date.
  • Simplify the ordering process.
  • Save time.

How it Works

  1. Customer designs their structure in SmartBuild.
  2. The customer logs into SmartBuild via the Customer Portal.
  3. The customer clicks “Import to Quote” and the design is automatically converted into a quote, ready to be ordered!

See it in Action!

Smartbuild Integration Demo

We do paper files in the office and it's a hassle - We set up the Auto Attach feature in P10 for shippers and invoices, in hopes we can go paperless. I just wanted to say, we love Paradigm!

- Victoria G., Iron Brothers Metals

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