Variobend Integration

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Variobend Integration

Seamlessly export ordered products and import production complete information to and from Variobend’s Variodesk software. This includes exporting custom trim profiles from our Trim Draw module!

Go paperless. Go Paragon.

Key Features

  • Easy Trim Profile Transfer: Draw your trim in Paradigm and send it directly into Variodesk. Your operators will no longer need to redraw profiles in the Variodesk software, saving your team time and reducing errors.
  • Two-Way Sync: The Variobend Integration provides a two-way sync between Variodesk and Paradigm. The sync allows you to seamlessly push jobs into Variodesk and pull order information back into Paradigm.
  • Automated Job Completion: Once the trim is bent, the Variobend integration automatically marks jobs as completed in Paradigm.
  • Configurable Options: From exporting options to finished job organization, customize the software to fit your shop’s needs!

How it Works

  1. Set up integration.
  2. Select projects to send into Variodesk from Paradigm.
  3. Use your Variobend software as usual and enjoy your improved production experience.

See it in Action!

Variobend Integration Demo

We do paper files in the office and it's a hassle - We set up the Auto Attach feature in P10 for shippers and invoices, in hopes we can go paperless. I just wanted to say, we love Paradigm!

- Victoria G., Iron Brothers Metals

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