EbizCharge Credit Card Processing Integration

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Simple Payment Processing

Allow for quick and easy credit card processing within Paradigm via integration with Century Business Solutions’ EbizCharge product.

Go paperless. Go Paragon.

Key Features

  • Allow users to input a credit/debit card or ACH information to manually receive payment through Paradigm.
  • Send payment amounts to a physical card reader for card-present transactions.
  • Users can fulfill payments from anywhere, without the need for special equipment.
  • Can be synced with the Order Confirmation and Prepay Add-on.
  • Customers can pay invoices through the Customer Portal.

How it Works


  1. Click “Receive Payment”, via Paradigm.
  2. Choose a payment method and input the customer’s form of payment (Credit/Debit, Check, or Device).
  3. Click the pay now button!


  1. Login to Customer Portal.
  2. View the invoice and click pay now.
  3. Pay by Credit/Debit card or check.

See it in Action!

“We have been using Paragon Computing Solutions since September, 2017 and have been very pleased with the Software! - We also have integrated Paradigm with the Beck controller on our rollformer, so all our metal orders automatically get transferred onto the Beck controller!”

- CMT Components

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